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Gators Baseball Academy is an organization dedicated to creating a world class experience for athletes and their families. As a club, We offer opportunities for players of all ages to develop and compete at a high level, while caring for those looking for structure so they can learn to explore and love the game.

National Branch
Regional Branch
Local / Youth Branch

Spects National

An avenue for players to be selected to compete in national level tournaments across the country. GBA Development is a partnered program with Spects National and has exclusive coverage in parts of both Missouri and Illinois. Only players in the GBA Development program will be eligible to be selected for Spects National.



GBA Development Program

GBA Development is a program designed for talented individuals that have a strong desire to play college baseball. This is a true select program as teams are not formed. Players from each high school graduation class may range from 20-35 and will form 14U-17U tournament rosters in February. GBA staff will include paid coaches with previous experience in professional or college baseball.


Gators Program

The Gators Program is a program located in the St. Louis area and southern Illinois that provides players with opportunities for development and structure. At the youth level, teams will vary from 6U to 14U and are coached by leaders that are passionate about  teaching the game. For 15U to 18U, teams are formed with players that strive to be the best high school player they can be. These teams are predominately managed by volunteer coaches. Each team in the Gators program will set their own tournament and practice schedule based on level of play and desire to travel.


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