gators softball

a path for players and coaches to develop and grow

Gators softball

Founded in 2009 by Club President Chris Cradick. Gators Softball teams vary between the ages of 7 to 18 years old and are located in the St. Louis area. Gators Softball provides opportunities for players seeking development and structure. Off-season training is centered around individual development through a variety of skill specific programs. Gators coaches range from paid coaches, former players, and parents. The SportsBarn in Wentzville is home to the Missouri Gators and where practices and training is held. Players also receive a SportsBarn membership as an added benefit to being a Gator.


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LVille Slugger - Black

2022 - 2023

gators softball

18U Kirkpatrick

16U Montgomery

14U Gossage

14U Murphy

12U Montgomery

8U Kindler