GBA Development Program

Our mission is to provide talented high school players, who have a desire to play college baseball, a program focused on player development and professional training that closely resembles a college atmosphere.


With having a long-term and goal-oriented approach, GBA players will have many development oppotunities to be prepared to compete day 1 at any level of college baseball.

GBA - Carolina
  • Perfect Game (2022)


    15U National Elite Championship

    • 16 of 60 teams
    • 3 players awarded All-Tournament for Hitting & Pitching
    • 5 total players awarded All-Tournament


    16U National Elite Championship

    • 32 of 96 teams
    • 6 total players awarded All-Tournament


    17U WWBA National Championship

    • 4-1-1 Record
    • Tied #1 Ranked Mets Scout Team (1-1)
    • 11 total players awarded All-Tournament


    17U WWBA Midwest Elite

    • Tournament Champions
    • MVP(s): Trey Cole & Peyton Bittle
    • 10 total players awarded All-Tournament

15U National Elite

June 18th - 22nd

Hoover, AL


16U National Elite

June 29th - July 3rd

Hoover, AL


17U WWBA Nationals

July 7th - 14th

Atlanta, GA

ABC Championships-cutout

15U ABC Invite

July 21st - 24th

Westfield, IN

ABC Championships-cutout

16U ABC Invite

July 6th - 9th

Westfield, IN

ABC Championships-cutout

17U ABC Invite

July 15th - 18th

Westfield, IN

Super 15s

Super 15s Invite

July 14th - 18th

Kansas City, MO

Super 16s

Super 16s Invite

July 22nd - 26th

Kansas City, MO

super 17s-cutout

Super 17s Invite

June 23rd - 27th

Kansas City, MO